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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  July 1, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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a crash down in sausalito. both people we are glad to tell you on the plane were okay. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. the two-engine plane started sinking immediately, but thanks to quick work by the coast guard, both passengers were quickly plucked off the plane. thomas roman is live with more on how this all happened. >> just offshore here in richardson bay, there is a coast guard boat marking where this plane went down. police tell us the pilot is a 75-year-old local resident. he and his passenger are fine. now, as you can imagine just
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about everybody has a camera now a days, and this event got a lot of camera attention including a video. this is video of a hydro -- >> this is video of the hydroplane. you could see it take off and then hitting a wake. it then flipped nose first into richardson bay. this man was siting in a restaurant when the plane went by. >> we were floating along, and it gunned its engine and took off and went right by the restaurant cruising along the water. it had a lot of speed and it looks like it got airborne and hit a wake from a boat. and it shot up and it went slamming down to the water. >> she saw the plane and immediately started taking pictures as her boyfriend called 9-1-1. >> they actually did skim the water. they didn't bounce any great height at all. >> the sausalito police chief says it is being called a plane incident and not an accident. >> it either caught a wake in the water or it was pilot
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error, but the plane flipped over. there were two males and both were able to get out of the plane without any injuries. they were taken to shore by some private boaters. >>:00 stave yaw -- octavia watched it from home. >> they had to swim or paddle or whatever you want to call it 15 feet to the tugboat and then they got on. >> both people were given medical attention, but did not require hospitalization. the event drew a huge crowd to see where the plane went down no more than 100 yards offshore. they were looking out of their condo, and they show the two-seater as it sits in the water. sausalito police tell us there were no drugs or alcohol involved in the incident. they are trying to figure out how the plane got out of richardson bay. thomas roman, abc7 news. >> that will be a bit of a challenged. the warm weather and sunny skies brought people outdoors in big numbers. the temperatures reached the mid-nineties throughout parts
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of the bay area. san francisco's washington square park was busy in the middle of the day as a lot of folks started their long weekend early. >> get outside on the 4th of july weekend and get a little reading outside. the san francisco fog was gone for the time being. sandhya patel is here now with a look at what you can expect. >> inland areas will be baking. looking at saturday's highs, higher than today. 96 in santee yok and 95 for -- in antioch. it will be hot in the north bay as well. low 90s for santa rosa, napa. san jose, 90 degrees. bayside communities, pretty warm in the 80s. oakland 83 and fremont 87. palo alto, 86. if you do not like the heat, the only place to escape it would be right near the coast. 76 in san francisco. 68 in half moon bay. the temperatures will rise some more as we head into sunday. we are talking about triple digits showing up.
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we'll be back with a look at your forecast coming up. dan? it may be harder to find fireworks this 4th of july, but not as hard as police and firefighters would like it to be. cal fire is searching the internet looking for people trying to sell fireworks on websites like craigslist. it is illegal to sell any fireworks on-line, even the safe and sane variety. a lot of people don't realize that. in san francisco police pr patrolling the streets of chinatown looking for buyers and sellers. >> it is not difficult. >> the whole street all the way down to bush street all the kids were selling fireworks. >> undercover officers say they arrested several rogue fireworks dealers. they say the fireworks they have confiscated were more powerful than in weers past. >> the forel is a busy time for many fire stations. several fire stations in santa
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cruz are sounding the alarm. this weekend one agency will be at its lowest level ever for the 4th of july weekend. lisa amin gulezian spoke to firefighters about the cutbacks and she joins us live from cap paw toe law. lisa? >> fire works are illegal in much of santa cruz county including here in capatolla, but not everyone follows the law, and that's why the emergency crews do extra patrols. but some can't afford them this year. fireworks are already on sale in some parts of the bay area. it is always a concern for the local fire department, especially on the 4th of july and they need to increase staffing. >> in general we usually would like to have an extra engine or two or three. >> but this year things will be different at central fire in santa cruz county which is responsible for so cal, live oak and capatolla. >> we have budget -- budget
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terry re-- restraint and so if there are a few of the fires going on, we can only grab one at a time. >> this year they are having their normal complement they would have on a monday evening. that's different from past years. >> in other words, no extra engines will be on the streets on the fourth. according to the county supervisor, the lower staffing levels are a sign of the times. >> the public has to understand that in an era of declining budgets, we will see less public resources available. >> central fire's main concern is for homeowners on the cliffs because of access issues. and for those who live near dry vegetation like pompous grass which is known to smolder for hours if a bottle rocket lands in it. >> just sad they don't have the money. i wish we did. >> central fire isn't the only department struggling because of budget constraints. today san jose's fire department announced it can't afford to staff every piece of apparatus in its arsonal.
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that means two engines will go out of service every single day. >> our city can't afford to go below two. this city has a million people. we are already understaffed with the amount of firefighters and fire engines and trucks. there is no way we will go below two. >> the department heads already feel stretched thin. 49 firefighters were laid of on and one fire station closed last year. central fire meantime can call in extra firefighters in case of an emergency only. they can also lean on neighboring departments for help. live in capatola, lisa amin gulezian, abc news. >> thanks, lisa. the fire that killed two san francisco firefighters last month is believed to be accidental. investigators say the cause of the fire on berkeley way that killed lieutenant vincent perez and anthony valereo was most likely electrical in nature. the exact cause is unknown because testing of the home's electrical system has not yet been completed.
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what officials have determined is that the fire started to the first floor of the four-story home. that first floor is underground on the berkeley hillside. dark -- the berkeley way hillside that is. an official report will be released next month. california state parks are open for business this holiday weekend, but next july 4th, 70 of the parks could be closed. china camp in marin county is one of the parks listed for shut down. the state parks budget is half what it was six years ago, and there is just not enough money to go around. >> it would be sad to see it close down because it is such a beautiful view and people enjoy coming here. >> and it is a nice local place to come. >> i think people would be willing to pay a little more to camp. i don't think we need to close the park. >> the owner of knob hill foods will donate a nickel to the parks for every shopper who brings in a reusable bag. 1.5 million californians are paying more for health insurance as of today. the latest rate increased by
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some of the largest health insurers affects small businesses and individual policyholders. premiums are climbing as little as 3% to 92%. they say the increase reflects rising costs for diagnostic testing and increased hospitalization. >> the authority right now to reject auto insurance, homeowner insurance, property insurance, casualty insurance, but not health insurance. >> assembly bill 52 would give the insurance commissioner to -- the right to reject. it is gaining momentum as a result of the higher premium. they will face a key vote on wednesday. in nearly three dozen states, they can veto the higher health insurance premium. a lot more to bring you. it is a tradition for millions of families, a 4th of july parade. and now they say the parades could shape your political perspective. a spike in -- >> a spike in river rescues as the runoff at yosemite creates dangerous conditions for
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hikers. >> and another major fee hike for uc schools. what they are recommending. >> and then late other "nightline." >> carolyn and dan, coming up next, dominique strauss-kahn freed from house arrest after news his accuser lied about a prior sexual attack. and beyonce unplugged. she has a new album out, and tonight she opens up about life on the road on
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to a daring overnight rescue on the merced river. four deputies were swept downstream when their rescue boat was caught in debris. they were trying to reach three teenage boys when they were called to their raft. >> i was on the phone and i was just telling her what was happening and keeping her updated. we were in the trees for maybe almost two hours. >> because of some person's ignorance about the ravaging waters at the merced river caused our officers to get in distress. >> in fact, that rescue ended up taking 10 hours when a member of the second sheriff's department team had to be
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rescued. there were 14 rescued on the merced river in the last 24 hours. the high temperatures are melting this year's snowpack making the rivers fast, swollen and dangerous. >> and impressive and encouraging finishes on wall street. stocks had their biggest weekly gain in two years. the dow jones soared 168 points finishing the day and week at 12,582. for the week, the dow gained 648 points. that's nearly a five and a half percent jump. the nasdaq also saw a big gain of 42 points and the s&p 500 rose 19. stocks were up, and so could be tuition at the uc system. more painful tuition hikes could be coming. university of california officials are preparing to recommend a nearly 10% tuition increase to the board of regents. it would make up for a lofs $150 million due to steep cuts in state funding. the san francisco chronicle is reporting that if the increase is approved, the annual in state tuition would rise my bye more than $1,000 to
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$12,200 a year. the former head of the ims is free on bail tonight. dom niece strauss-kahn was released from house arrest by a federal judge. he still faces sexual assault charges, but the case against him appears to be falling apart. prosecutors now say the hotel housekeeper who accused strauss-kahn of raping her has a criminal record and is tied to a drug dealer who put money in her bank account raising questionsabout her credibility. >> there is a first giant step in the right direction. the next step will lead to a complete dismissal of the charges. >> manhattan's district attorney has not yet decided whether to drop the case. strauss-kahn is free to travel anywhere within the u.s., but the court still holds his passport so he cannot leave the country. millions of people, maybe you, will celebrate this 4th of july weekend by taking in a parade. and tonight there is a new study that suggests the simple act of taking your child to see the parade shapes not only
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their patriotism, but their politics. >> forget independence. researchers say the 4th of july is really for republicans. a study out today says 4th of july parades not only boost gop turnout at the polls, but it boosts the likelihood the kids watching will be republican. yes, republican. researchers from harvard claim every year a child goes to a 4th of july parade it raises the likelihood by 2% they will become a republican. >> they may already be republican. >> reporter: but not every is ready to hand the holiday -- but not everyone is ready to hand the holiday over. >> do not tell me it is a conservative holiday. it is not true. >> reporter: after all the parade in her hometown, boston, one of the holdest in the country, hasn't exactly turned the political tide there. that city hasn't elected a republican mayor since 1926. most people adamant today that
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the fourth is our birthday party. it is not a political one. abc news, new york. >> regardless of your political views, have a good one. >> the weather is shaping up nicely. >> now let's check in with sandhya patel. >> it is going to be beautiful for outdoor activities. but you will be sweating inland as the temperatures continue to rise over the holiday weekend. here is a look at today's highs. low to mid-nineties in the inland communities. it was pretty hot in livermore, 94 degrees. redwood city, 90. 75 in san francisco and enough of a breeze to hold your temperature down so it wasn't unbearable there. here is a look at what is coming. the temperatures right now in the 50s to the 80s. many areas are still warm at this hour. they are running warmer than 24 hours ago. so you know we are headed toward a hot day. inland sizzle starts tomorrow, and the heat holds on through the 4th of july. so get ready for serious
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summer heat. the temperatures in the 50s and the 60s. it is clear this evening, but we may see a few patches of fog forming along the coastline by morning. the higher pressure is really strong, and it will hold on right through the holiday weekend providing us with hot conditions. particularly inland when the temperatures will be peaking on sunday in the triple digit range. not just here in the bay area, but the state as well. you can see the heat. 98 in sacramento for saturday. 93 yosemite. triple digits and down toward the deserts. look at palm springs. 117 degrees. we are still looking at steamy conditions. triple digits, 903 in yosemite is -- 93 in yosemite. los angeles coming up to 90 degrees and las vegas if you are traveling there, sunny and 109 degrees. highs for your saturday in the south south bay, low 90s for campbell and san jose. 87 in sunnyvale on the peninsula. 86 in mountain view and 88 in
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lossal toes. it will be a warm day in san mateo. 82 degrees. along the coastline, the upper 60s and still seeing enough of a sea breeze to prevent you from getting too hot. sunset district 70 degrees. downtown san francisco, 76. in the north bay, you are looking at low 90s for your saturday. 93 in santa rosa. petaluma, vallejo, in the east bay, 83 in oakland and 88 for hercules. head inland and this is where it is really going to get hot. 95 for livermore and 97 in brentwood. around the monterey bay, 69 in monterey and 78 for santa cruz. here is a look at all of the fireworks forecasted. clear and mild. the temperatures in the low to mid60s. the wind is about 10 to 20 miles april hour. clear for fireworks. upper 60s to low 70s. inland areas will be pretty warm on the forel if you are going -- on the 4th of july if you are checking out the fire works -- fireworks. partly cloudy and temperatures in the mid50s.
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slight possibility of a shower or two, but a slight chance. the accu-weather forecast, hot conditions for the weekend. the temperatures will actually drop off a few degrees on the 4th of july, but they are back up again on tuesday. we will basically see temperatures remaining on the hot side right through the workweek. the coastal areas are mild, comfortable, whatever you want to call it. >> a good place to escape the heat. thanks, sandhya. they have performed for the president and even won grammies. >> now a bay area choir is preparing for a rare trip and performance abroad. lilililililii
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a san francisco girl's choir starts a week-long tour of cuba tomorrow. beautiful. tonight there was a sendoff concert on calgary church. they will give four concerts with a special 4th of july celebration. the group will take part in master classes and perform with the leading ensemble. this choir sang at president obama's inauguration last year. it won two grammy awards with the san francisco symphony. >> what an exciting opportunity for them. terrific. well, people started soaring over san francisco's justin herman plaza thanks to
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the return of the zip line. the city's rec department partnered with the zip partners from now until october, during the warm months. they took the first rides today. >> that's mike shumann. this time it is not free. $29 per zip. that's the way to go. >> yeah, right. >> nice form there, shu. the a's got the reinforcement. while the g men had a little trouble on the hill from closer brian wilson. despite getting the victory he doesn't appear happy about his performance. we'll show you why next in we'll show you why next in spororororororororororororororot
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that's a step forward. go! go! with deposit friendly atms, you can make ultra fast, secure deposits with no slips or envelopes. take a step forward and chase what matters. losing streak to face the tigers. once again they put us through the ring arear we know as a
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daily dose of torture. brad penny pitched well against his former team, but earned a no decision. the bottom of eight and giants up 1-0. now the game is tied at one. but they are putting the giants back on top and rips one deep to center. the ground rule double and the g-men would score three in the frame and go up 4-1. in the bottom half, more drama from wilson. he gives up the single to brandon and that makes it 4-2. the beard gets the hook, and he's not happy. fers tossing the gatorade jug, and then he found a bat and takes that to it. he needs to take it easy. it is now 4-3 and bases loaded for detroit. bosh lines it up the middle, and he goes to second for the game ending double play. 4-3 your final. rich hardin making a season debut for the a's. in the fifth and he gets him swinging. one of his six punchouts on
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the night. the offense comes alive in the bottom of the frame. three straight two-out hits. and he rips a double down the right field line. they both score. the a's go up 5-1. and then in the 6th, harden getting some help from his defense. he sends one deep into center. looks like it is out of here. but cocoa says not on my watch. rich hardin picked up his first win in his return. 5-4 the final. and in colorado mark ellis knows how to make a first impression. a day after being traded from the a's he goes 3 for 5 with a homer and three r.b.i's. take that oakland. he leads the rockies to a 9-0 win over the royals. nadal keeps knocking them down at wimbledon. he is facing andy murray and they are looking for theirs first champion in 75 years as the drought continues. how about this row of champions?
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and andy murray came out smoking and they go on to take the first set. but he rallies in the second and watch his backnd that. and then check out the touch at the net. who says he can't serve his volley. he wins the second. the big serve and the even nastier forehand. they won 20 matches with a four-set victory. in the other semi the first tie break. he takes the first set. watch his reflexes. too much novak and can't handle the big serve. with the win he takes over the number one ranking in the world. you kids at home, don't imitate brian wilson's behavior. he is paid to close out a game. he needs to be a good sport.
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hopeful leahy didn't get injured. >> he was knocking things around. >> i love how his teammates just got out of the way. >> thanks, shu. >> "nightline" is up next. >> for mike shumann and sandhya patel, thank you for joining us. >> have a safe and heap 4th of july weekend and good night.
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